Concert Theo Hakola

Sunday 6 June 2021 at 6pm

Concert : Water is wet
Theo Hakola accompanied by Bénédicte Villain (violin), Delphine Ciampi-Ellis (bass), Matthieu Texier (guitar) and Fabrice La Croix (drums)

This event will be broadcast on this page on Sunday 6th June at 6pm!

Theo Hakola, born in Spokane, WA, is a composer, musician, singer, actor and writer. He has lived for the last forty years in Paris where he founded the bands Orchestre Rouge (2 albums – RCA) and Passion Fodder (5 albums – Barclay-Polygram/Beggars Banquet), and produced recordings by several other groups including Noir Désir’s first. Last year he released his eighth solo album – Water Is Wet (Microcultures/Médiapop) which consists of ten ballads of organic rock with lyrics that are urgent, engaged and full of colour. Alongside his work in theater and film, he’s published five novels in France; the last one Idaho Babylone (Actes Sud) came out in 2016.