BIBLIOTOPIA literary week-end around the world

From Friday 17 to Sunday 19 May 2019

Welcome to the second edition of

BIBLIOTOPIA, literary week-end around the world,

at the Jan Michalski Foundation

Friday 17 to Sunday 19 May 2019.

The second edition of the festival BIBLIOTOPIA invites you to…
consider the role of writers and writing in society,
examine the issue of political engagement and artistic freedom,
and celebrate literature and the courage of writers.

With the first writers announced:
Oya Baydar, Jonathan Coe, Jacek Dehnel, Aminatta Forna, Elias Khoury, Andrey Kurkov, Anne Nivat, Philippe Sands, Dubravka Ugrešić et Juan Gabriel Vásquez… 


Oya Baydar is a Turkish novelist, journalist and political activist. Exiled after the military coup of 1980, she lived in Germany, then returned to Turkey in 1992. She has written six novels, among which Hot Ashes Left, and won multiple awards. Her work has been translated into over twenty languages. The Lost Word is her latest text.


Jonathan Coe is a British award winning novelist, biographer, critic and script-writer. His novels include the highly acclaimed bestsellers What a Carve Up!, The Rotters’ Club, Number 11 and Middle England. His books have an underlying preoccupation with political issues, often expressed through satire.


Jacek Dehnel is an award winning Polish poet, novelist, essayist, critic and translator. He is the author of several novels, including Lala, and Saturn. His non-fiction as well as his newspaper columns often engage with the current political situation in Poland.


Aminatta Forna, a writer and academic, was born in Scotland, and raised in Sierra Leone and Great Britain. Her award winning and politically engaged novels, including the latest, Happiness, and her memoir, The Devil that Danced on the Water, are a powerful contribution to post-colonial literature.


Elias Khoury is a Lebanese writer, academic, and journalist. He is the award winning author of fourteen novels, among which Gate of the Sun, four volumes of literary criticism, and three plays, and is an important and engaged participant in and commentator on Arab cultural, political and intellectual life.


Andrey Kurkov, a Ukrainian writer and journalist, is the author of nineteen novels, from Death and the Penguin to The Bickford Fuse, children’s books, screenplays and film scripts. Kurkov’s fiction and journalism have often focussed on the situation in Ukraine. He has recently been elected the President of PEN Ukraine.


Anne Nivat is an award-winning French journalist and war correspondent who has covered conflicts in Chechnua, Iraq and Afghanistan. Chienne de guerre won the Albert Londres Prize, France’s highest award for journalism. She is known for coverage of civilians, especially women, and their experiences of war.


Philippe Sands, QC, a Franco-British writer and international lawyer, is Professor of Law at University College London. East, West Street is a personal exploration of the origins of international law, the Nuremberg Trials, the city of Lviv and his family history. He is the President of English PEN.


Dubravka Ugrešić, born in former Yugoslavia, is a writer, academic, and journalist and a winner of the Neustadt International Prize for Literature for her body of work. Her novels, including The Ministry of Pain, and essays collections have won many prizes and contain profound reflections on culture, memory, exile and being European.


Juan Gabriel Vásquez is a Colombian writer, columnist and translator. Published in twenty-eight languages, Vásquez’s award-winning books, including his latest, The Shape of the Ruins, often confront the past of Columbia to understand the present. After sixteen years in Europe, he now lives in Bogotá.




The second edition of BIBLIOTOPIA, the week-end of world literature, opens on the evening of Friday the 17th of May at 6pm, with two full days of encounters with writers from all over the world until Sunday, the 19th of May.


  • readings, films and music,
  • workshops for children,
  • a pop-up bookshop with books from invited writers,
  • a cafeteria with lunches and snacks in the central square of the foundation,
  • a regular shuttle bus between the train station in Morges to Montricher,
  • day pass for all events on the day: CHF 20.- (full price) | CHF 10.- (retired, unemployed, AI, and under 30s) | free for children.

The programme and booking information can be found here soon!


Photos: Oya Baydar © Kalem Agency | Jonathan Coe © D.R | Jacek Dehnel © Szymon Szczesniak | Aminata Forna © Nina Subin | Elias Khoury © Nina Subin | Andreï Kourkov © Pako Mera, Opale, Leemage, Éditions Liana Levi | Anne Nivat © Hannah Assouline | Philippe Sands © Antonio Zazueta Olmos | Dubravka Ugrešić © Shevuan Williams | Juan Gabriel Vásquez © Karoly Effenberger

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