«Concierto flamenco» by Belén Maya

Wednesday 30 August

Twenty years ago Flamenco by Carlos Saura, an indispensable film in the filmography of the flamenco song form known as the cante jondo, premiered. In his film, the filmmaker chose Belén Maya as one of the representatives of the new aesthetics of flamenco. Her image even inspired the promotional poster of the film.
Belén Maya’s freshness, originality and personality captivated the prestigious filmmaker, who justified his choice with the eloquent phrase: “it doesn’t seem like flamenco”. Ever since, Belén Maya has become an icon of cutting-edge flamenco dancing.
Belén Maya’s style stems from a natural internalization of the aesthetics of flamenco dancing in such a way, that the traditional calligraphy forms part of her essence and, therefore, is not the goal but the starting point. Under this privileged condition the artist undertakes, without difficulty and without prejudice, performances of refined classicism, as well as projects which transgress -or maybe extend- the most
orthodox flamenco dance codes.

Choreography Belén Maya

Voice Ezequiel Benítez

Guitare Juan Diego Mateos Reina

CHF 20.- (full price), CHF 15.- (retirees, unemployed, disabled persons), CHF 10.- (students) | Reservation at flamenco@fondation-janmichalski.ch