General information


The library is free and open to all. Library areas are accessible to all people with disabilities or reduced mobility.



Tuesday to Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm.



All of the library’s resources are freely available to readers on the open-access shelves. Part of the collections, however, is conserved in special storerooms. If you want to consult any of these materials, you can submit a request at the circulation desk.



Getting a library card

If you wish to borrow library materials, you must be a member of the library. Joining is easy. You will need to show valid ID and any other document justifying reduced pricing, and pay the appropriate membership fee.

For minors requesting a library card, their parents must fill out and sign a specific authorization.

The library card is good for one year from the date it is issued and gives the holder unlimited access to all the exhibitions mounted by the Foundation.

Library card fees

Full price: CHF 60.-
Residents of Montricher, retirees, unemployed, disabled persons: CHF 30.-
Students, children under 18: CHF 10.-

Borrowing privileges

The library card allows you to borrow up to three books for three weeks with the possibility of renewing the loans once, if the books have not been placed on hold.

Only items found on the ground, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors can be borrowed. Reviews and works that are part of the Varia collection on the 4th floor may not be taken out of the library.