Espace Exposition

The Exhibition Space in the Maison de l’Ecriture is entirely devoted to literature, with books taking their place alongside manuscripts and authors’ drawings. This space also lends itself to the organization of readings, dialogue with writers and artists.

Faithful to its calling of promoting literature, the Foundation will offer the public numerous exhibitions. Some of these will give a new light on the works of great authors, others will feature private collections of remarquable works, while others will be adopting a critical view of a topical theme, while still others will be of interest to booklovers.

With its generous volume, the Exhibition Space can be modulated to adapt more effectively to the requirements of openness and movement. Upon arrival, the public will be seduced by the reception hall opening onto the gardens, intrigued by the work of art by Thomas Hirschhorn  « Nietzsche Car » and overawed by the astonishing architecture.