Exhibition « Antonio Saura | De l’écriture à la peinture »

19 June – 25 September 2016
Antonio Saura (1930-1998) was a major Spanish artist of the 20th century and an important figure in contemporary art, creating a formidable a body of work that includes painting, illustration, engraving, sculpture, and writing. It is a legacy that is as fertile as it is formally inventive…

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Exhibition « Photo-literature »

1839. Photography is invented and makes its way in among the other arts, uninvited and upending their connections with one another. Initially deemed an “industrial art,” this process for duplicating reality came to modify the ways of depicting space, time, and memory, and to question painters and writers in a mix of rejection and fascination.
At the point where photography and literature meet, interconnections formed, complex and fertile. It is that variety of interactions between image and text that the exhibition Photolittérature (Photo-literature) aims to explore through a selection of works in French.

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Exhibition « Baselitz | Malelade – Bestiaire d’images et de mots »

13th February – 15th May 2016
from Tuesday to Sunday, 2-6 pm

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