Now in residence

Cătălin MIHULEAC, Romania

(in residence from 27 Januray to 24 March)

Born in 1960 in Iaşi, Romania, Cătălin Mihuleac worked as a geologist until the end of the Communist regime, when he started a career as a journalist, writer, and playwright. In 2009 he defended his dissertation on the topic of pamphlets. His recent works combine historical documentation and fiction, verve, humor and the tragic. His novel America de peste pogrom, published in 2014 and translated into French in 2020 as Les Oxenberg & les Bernstein (Éditions Noir sur Blanc), breaks one of the taboos of contemporary history, namely the Iaşi pogrom of 1941. It was awarded the Prix Transfuge for European novels in 2020.



Sasha FILIPENKO, Belarus

(in residence from 28 January to 15 July)

Sasha Filipenko, born in 1984, is a Belorussian author and journalist. He has published five novels translated in different languages, as in French at Éditions des Syrtes : Croix rouges (2018) and La traque (2020). Winner of the Russian Prize (2014), the Znamya magazine Prize (2014), and the SNOB Prize, short-listed for the top literary prizes such as the Bolshaya Kniga and the Booker.



Serguei LEBEDEV, Russia

(in residence from 9 February to 7 April)

Sergei Lebedev was born in Moscow in 1981 and worked for seven years on geological expeditions in Northern Russia and Central Asia. Lebedev is a poet, novelist, essayist, and journalist. Since 2010 Lebedev has written several novels on the secrets of the Soviet Union’s history, the violence of Stalinism and its impact on modern Russian life. Lebedev’s books have been translated into 17 languages and were shortlisted for the major Russian and European book prizes. New Vessel Press has brought out in English Oblivion (2016), The Year of the Comet (2017), The Goose Fritz (2019), and Untraceable (2021).



Ariel DILON, Argentina

(in residence from 9 February to 6 April)

Ariel Dilon was born in 1964 in Buenos Aires. He has translated over 90 books by French and English authors into Spanish, including Antonin Artaud, John Cheever, Stephen Dixon, Patricia Highsmith, Alfred Jarry, J. M. G. Le Clézio, Henri Michaux, Henri Roorda, Marcel Schwob, and Kurt Vonnegut. He has served as an advisor on literary translation at CITL (International College of Literary Translators) and CETL (European Centre for Literary Translation). His collection of stories titled El inventor de dioses y otros apócrifos chinos (2009) was awarded a prize by the Badajoz Departmental Council.



Mickael CORREIA, France

(in residence from 9 February to 9 April)

Mickaël Correia is a French journalist and regular contributor to Mediapart, Le Monde diplomatique, La Revue dessinée, La Revue du crieur, and CQFD, a monthly journal of social criticism and experimentation. He is a cofounder and member of the editorial board of the magazine Jef Klak, which blends literary, sound and visual experiments with social criticism. He is the author of Une histoire populaire du football (La Découverte, 2018).



Lucas FERRERO, France

(in residence from 23 February to 11 March)

Lucas Ferrero is an author of French comics and graphic novels and a visual artist. His work has been published in a number of magazines, including Bien, Monsieur, Novland, and Jef Klak, and by éditions cacahuète. Active in publishing, he was a member of the editorial board of the publisher The Hoochie Coochie from 2017 to 2019. He is a member of the visual and editorial board of the magazine Jef Klak and, since 2019, the editorial board of Nunatak, a magazine about mountain-related stories, cultures and struggles.