Now in residence

Emmanuel ADELY, France

(in residence from March 7 to May 30)

Born in 1962, Emmanuel Adely is the author of novels that explore the essentially fictional dimension of reality through a kind of free flow writing that is often released in a single breath, sometimes until the final punctuation. His work features in several French publishers’ catalogues (Minuit, Stock, Argol, Inculte, Seuil…), appears in journals and crops up in performances and mutates. It is artistic, political and sonorous. Every word is material for creation (discourse, articles, investigative story etc.).



Nicolas COUCHEPIN, Switzerland

(in residence from February 7 to March 7)

Nicolas Couchepin was born in Lausanne in 1960. He worked in education before devoting himself to writing. He is the author of three novels: Grefferic (1996) and Le sel (2000) published by Zoé, and Les Mensch (Seuil, 2013).




Constance CHLORE, Belgium

(in residence from February 7 to March 28)

Born in Brussels in 1967, Constance Chlore currently lives in Paris. She has published two volumes of poetry: Atomium (Atelier de l’agneau, winner of the Yvan Goll International French Poetry Award in 2014) and L’alphabet plutôt que rien (Eoliennes, 2017). She has also published two novels: Nicolas jambes tordues (La Fosse aux ours, 1998) and A tâtons sans bâton (Punctum, 2005). Alpha Bêta Magma is currently under consideration by a number of publishers.



Alban LEFRANC, France

(in residence from February 20 to April 11)

Born in 1975, Alban Lefranc is a novelist, a playwright and also translate from German. He reinvented the lives of Nico (Vous n’étiez pas là, Verticales, 2009), Fassbinder (Fassbinder, la mort en fanfare, Rivages, 2012), Mohamed Ali (Le ring invisible, Verticales, 2013), Bernward Vesper and Andreas Baader (Si les bouches se ferment, Verticales, 2014), Maurice Pialat (L’amour la gueule ouverte, hypothèses sur Maurice Pialat, Helium/Actes Sud, 2015). His books were translated to German (Angriffe, Blumenbar, 2008) and to Italian (Il ring invisibile, 66thand2nd, 2013). He also writes for the radio and for the theater (Steve Jobs, directed by Robert Cantarella) and his play Table rase will be published in January 2018 by Quartett publishing house. Many of his novels are being adapted for the stage. He translated four novels from German into French, especially two novels by Peter Weiss. In the year 2000 he founded the magazine La mer gelée, published since 2015 by Le nouvel Attila.



Marie LE DRIAN, France

(in residence from February 27 to April 25)

Born in Brittany in 1949, Marie Le Drian is a French writer. She studied psychology, then was qualified as a librarian in1971. She was film librarian at ORTF in Paris, before being a research assistant at CNRS, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (1975-2000). She has devoted herself to writing since 2001 and published among others Le petit bout du L (Robert Laffont, 1992, Prix des écrivains bretons), Hôtel maternel (Julliard, 1996), La cabane d’Hippolyte (Julliard, 2001, Prix Bretagne, Prix Breizh du roman), Ça ne peut plus durer (Julliard, 2003, Prix du roman de la ville de Carhaix), Attention éclaircie (La Table ronde, 2007), Le corps perdu de Suzanne Thover (Apogée, 2013, Prix Jean Bernard de l’Académie de Médecine).

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