Now in residence

Frank SMITH, France

(in residence from September 11 to December 18)

A “linguistic craftsman”, Frank Smith is a writer, a poet, a video artist and filmmaker living between Paris and Los Angeles. He is represented by the Analix Forever Gallery in Geneva. Frank Smith is also the creator of the Bureau d’investigations poétiques, from which he explores the contemporary connections and disconnections between poetry, politics and image, through books, films, installations, exhibitions and performances. He has published a dozen books so far, including Guantanamo (Les Figues Press, 2014), which was judged the best poetry book of 2014 by the US-based Huffington Post.



Michaela VIESER, Germany

(in residence from October 9 to December 16)

Michaela Vieser is a storyteller and author, publishing books of fiction and nonfiction and radio features. A “topic explorer”, she applies a method of extended research, combining information from the sensual as well as the scientific world. As a SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) graduate she studied Japanese Language, Culture and Arts, and she also lived for a year in a Japanese Buddhist monastery, to learn the Way of Calligraphy, Sword-fighting, and Tea.



Adrien GYGAX, Switzerland

(in residence from October 16 to December 18)

Born in Lausanne in 1989, Adrien Gygax grew up in Mont-la-Ville at the foot of the Jura and studied sociology. Since the release of his first novel, Aux noces de nos petites vertus, published in 2017 by Cherche-Midi, he has devoted himself to writing. His next work Se réjouir de la fin, is to be published by Grasset.



Boris TILQUIN, Belgium

(in residence from October 23 to December 18)

Boris Tilquin is a Belgian author and screenwriter born in 1989. He decided to dedicate himself to writing after completing his undergraduate degree in philosophy and went on to producing several short films for the cinema. He has won several awards at international film festivals and received a number of grants for creative work. Following his first novel, Monstres ordinaires, Boris Tilquin is now working on the manuscript of his second novel, Des bâtards.



Ryan IRELAND, United States

(in residence from November 6 to December 18)

Ryan Ireland, PhD, is the author of two novels published by Oneworld, Beyond the Horizon and Ghosts of the Desert. He has also published scholarly, popular, and creative nonfiction in Public Libraries Quarterly, Voices of Youth Advocates, and Ripcord. In 2018 he was a finalist for the VanderMey Nonfiction Prize. Currently he sits on the board of the Antioch Writers’ Workshop and co-chairs a nonprofit, Third Story Literacy Project, with his wife, Amber.