Now in residence



Laurent CAUWET, France

(in residence from February 6 to April 24)

As an editor, Laurent Cauwet founded in 1994 the publishing company Al Dante, where he has kept his role as editorial manager. An independent entity until 2018, Al Dante has since become a collection within Les presses du réel. Its catalogue includes contemporary poetry and writing as well as reflexive texts on esthetics and politics.

He is the author of La domestication de l’art (La fabrique, 2017) and Les 100 mots des Arts déco (PUF, 2017).



Rana DASGUPTA, Royaume-Uni

(in residence from February 13 to April 24)

Born in Canterbury in 1971, Rana Dasgupta studied at Balliol College, Oxford, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His books have won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, the Ryszard Kapuscinski Award and the Prix Émile Guimet, among others. He is Distinguished Visiting Lecturer and Writer-in-Residence in the English Department at Brown University, and the Literary Director of India’s most prestigious literary award: the JCB Prize for Literature. 




Maria MUSHTRIEVA, Russia

(in residence from March 13 to April 24)

Born in Kysyl-Syr, Yakutia, in Russia, Maria Mushtrieva is based in Berlin since 2006. She has a background as an editor, researcher, writer and performer. Her creative work, which follows on from these foundations, centers on text and explores the tension between oral and written texts, poetry and reportage, draft and master copy. She currently works as a translator in the cultural and literary fields. Translation is, therefore, an essential part of her practice in both the academic and creative fields.



Dmitri BORTNIKOV, Russia

(in residence from March 13 to April 24)

Born in Samara in 1968, Dmitri Bortnikov is amongst contemporary Russian literature’s most talented authors. Before turning to writing, he worked as a chef, a nurse in a maternity ward, a dance teacher and a legionnaire. Le syndrome de Fritz was awarded the Russian Booker Prize in 2002 and the national best-seller award. His second novel, Svinobourg (Le Seuil, 2005), was critically acclaimed. Dmitri Bortnikov now lives in Paris.




(in residence from March 29 to April 24)

Born in 1973, Elisabeth Monteiro Rodrigues lives and works in Paris. After completing her studies in the History of the Ancient Near East, she turned to the book trade. She worked for the Portuguese and Brazilian bookstore Michel Chandeigne from 2000 to 2015. She is a literary translator of Portuguese-speaking authors such as Teolinda Gersão, João Ricardo Pedro, Valério Romão, Manuel Rui or Noémia de Sousa. Since 2005, she has also been translating the works of Mozambique author Mia Couto. She won the Grand Prix de traduction de la ville d’Arles 2018 for the book by Valério Romão, Da Família / De la famille (Chandeigne publishing).



Eva Maria LEUENBERGER, Switzerland

(in residence from April 10 to May 7)

Eva Maria Leuenberger, born in Bern, Switzerland, is the author of the poetry collection dekarnation, to be published by Literaturverlag Droschl in Autumn 2019. Her poems appear in manuskripte, Literarischer Monat, Opera Nuovo, and elsewhere. The recipient of the “Weiterschreiben” Grant by the City of Bern, as well as a finalist at the 22nd and 25th open mike competition in Berlin. She studied at the Swiss Literary Institute in Biel and the University of Bern, and currently lives in Biel.



Camille DE TOLEDO, France

(in residence from April 17 to June 5)

Camille de Toledo was born in 1976. He studied literature, law and history at the IEP (Institut d’études politiques) Paris, the LSE (London School of Economics), and then the Tisch School of New York. In 2004, he obtained a grant from the Villa Médicis in Rome. He is the author of five novels, four essays and one poetry book with publishers such as Gallimard, Le Seuil and Verdier. His last novel, Le livre de la faim et de la soif, was published in 2017.


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