The Décosterd treehouse

The only writer’s treehouse to be located on the Jura side, it is placed at the edge of the canopy with a view on the hillside, the forest that slopes gently and the surrounding countryside.
Inside, the ground floor consists of a kitchen, a dining room and a work area, and the upper part of the bedroom and the bathroom. It is accessed by a staircase which makes its way through the wooden latticework panel that separates the space vertically. The occupant can see without being seen, preserving intimacy.
The exterior is distinctive with a two-sided roof, which is reversed under the cabin. A large bay window occupies one of the four sides of the treehouse; on the other sides, openings are masked by white panels of galvanized steel which are pierced with Morse code text:
“In addition to simplicity, nudity”, Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, Life in the Woods.


© Tonatiuh Ambrosetti