The Mangeat-Wahlen treehouse

Vincent Mangeat and Pierre Wahlen, also the architects for the Jan Michalski Foundation’s main buildings, designed this glass and galvanized steel treehouse on the staircase leading to the auditorium square and the library.
It is divided into two distinct parts, separated by an openair passage conceived as a pause between two obligations and pursuits, the material one and the other, intellectual one.
This treehouse consists of a dining area, a kitchenette and a bathroom on the one side overlooking the hillside and the plane, and the space dedicated to writing with two work stations overlooking the center of the Foundation on the other. Like Le Corbusier’s “Cabanon” at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, this cabin is like an archetype of the cell reduced to its strictest expression, based on an ergonomic and minimalist approach. The primitive hut, the minimal habitat, at the service of an ideal of writing.


© Leo Fabrizio